Monday, March 19, 2012

Effects of the Illegal Drug Trade on Societies

Can you imagine being the wife, the daughter, the son, the mother or father of a law enforcement officer slain by a drug cartel along the border and finding out later our highest up levels of law enforcement here in the U.S. supplied the machine guns to the killers? The media was quick to question how high up the law enforcement ladder knowledge of an operation dubbed, Fast and Furious went, all the way to the Attorney General of the U.S?

The feedback we got from the talking puppets who represent the federal agencies, ATF, FBI and DEA was feeble. The ATF blamed the FBI and DEA for not sharing secrets or knowledge relating to drug dealing informants and that is the reason for the mix up. It is understandable that in the world of cartels and drug smugglers and drug dealers the law has to find ways to garner information to delve deeper into the larger components of the organization. The major flaw in this style of law enforcement is in the very essence of siding up with one illegal party to bust another illegal party. A drug dealer of any level has a mission to sell the most product for the most money possible and to take the heat of themself any way possible.

So essentially when law enforcement works with a drug dealer the law is actually selling the drugs also, as proven with the ATF's operation, Fast and Furious where the same machine guns the law gave the cartel drug dealers were used to kill by the same criminals they trusted! Another problem with working with drug criminals as snitches at a high level, such as the ATF, FBI or DEA is that the undercover agents have to use drugs, sell drugs, sometimes use weapons to plant themselves deeper into the organizations they are fighting against and that is where intoxicated sworn officers fall victim to the drugs themselves. Greed, power and control can take down the integrity of the law enforcement officer.

How many times do we have to find out the hard way that this Drug War is a joke? When are we going to realize this Drug War is a war on people who are in poverty or in the disease of drug addiction? I wish the answer was as simple as legalizing drugs, but it isn't. It is deeper than that. We have to decriminalize the War on Drugs and treat it as a disease. Then we can start to bring about change. If we can help those with drug problems with treatment that involves preparation for life after drug using or drug dealing the change will start. How about attacking the problem in our overcrowded jails and prisons. What if we started programs that teach inmates how to write scripts such as novels, screen plays, song lyrics, or programs that teach inmates how to get a job once released? In jails and prisons inmates are bred into gang members and are released displaced from society and only know how to live in a way that landed them behind bars in the first place.

I wrote the drug war novel "Roll Call" by Glenn Langohr on Amazon from prison on drug charges. I started to help prisoners see they can turn what they have been through into a blessing through writing and art like I am doing.

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