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Glenn Langohr Spent 10 Years Incarcerated on Drug Charges Where He Changed His Life Writing Roll Call, Now a Big Seller on Amazon

Glenn Langohr Spent 10 Years Incarcerated on Drug Charges Where He Changed His Life Through Writing His Novel Roll Call, Now a Big Seller on Amazon
In Roll Call, Glenn Langohr takes the reader on a journey from his runaway childhood, to addict and drug dealer, deeper into the drug war for an inside look at Mexican cartel wars, corrupt narcotic detectives and a California Prison Union bent on breeding bigger criminals.
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"By incarcerating drug offenders we're breeding an addiction into an affliction much harder to escape."
San Clemente, Ca (PRWEB) December 30, 2011

Roll Call by Glenn Langohr, available in print and E-book, delves into a true account of his drug dealing past, that turned into trumped up organized crime charges over a bad business deal with the fabricator of Custom Craft Harley Davidson's. Then, the novel follows his path through the prison system to reveal how the California Prison Union used terror tactics with then Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger relating to the 3 Strike’s Law. Harvard lawyers have since confirmed with “A shameful lie.”

Kirkus Discoveries Nielson Media
"A harrowing, down-and-dirty depiction--sometimes reminiscent of Steven Soderbergh's Traffic--of America's war on drugs, by former dealer and California artist Langohr."

Glenn Langohr's vision is to influence more smart on crime and redemption. He writes prisoners at the most zealous prisons, like Pelican Bay to inspire them to take what they have been through and turn it into a blessing through writing and art. See his youtube video for more.

Other books by Glenn Langohr: Upon Release, sequel to Roll Call, A California Pelican Bay Prison Story Vol 1, Lock Up Diaries Vol 2 and Gladiator Vol 3. Available on Amazon.

Roll Call in print $19.99 and $3.99 in E-book.

Upon Release 2.99 in E-Book- Upon Release from Pelican Bay Prison, B.J struggles not to look back at the Criminal Justice System that tried to kill him. Inspired to help prisoners turn their lives around through art, he tries to work for the church. Running into judgment, the church doesn't tell the shelter he lives at he was volunteering his time helping orphans and B.J is on the run again. Add a beautiful ballerina, a good cop squeezed out of the loop by overzealous detectives, a prison protest to help the voiceless, and the temptation to do a massive drug run from Mexico, and you have the perfect recipe for a Spiritual revolution, where compassion is missing, all leaving the reader wondering; who are the real criminals?

A California Pelican Bay Prison Story-Race Riot, $2.99 in E-book- A penetrating look inside of one California's most dangerous prisons.
B.J, a drug dealer serving time, struggling to hold on to truth and his faith in God, takes the reader on a never before seen, inside look at a California level 4 prison. The inner dynamics between prison guards, gang investigators and the Warden are on display along with the political climate between races with a war brewing between the Mexicans and Blacks. A piercing account of the process for gang validation into solitary confinement at Pelican Bay's SHU through the eyes of inmates struggling to survive gang wars, in prison drug debts, prison politics, rules and regulations, and ultimately power and control, while desperately trying to find a path for redemption along the way.

A California Pelican Bay Prison Story Vol 2 Lock Up Diaries, $2.99 in E-book

A California Pelican Bay Prison Story Vol 3 Gladiator, $2.99 in E-book

Interviews and copies for review available upon request.

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