Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hi Friends

I'm not sure about this blog thing selling books or getting great exposure by just pumping out press releases and articles I've written so today I ask any who come by a question- What makes you write, or what makes you decide to read a certain book? For me, I write about stuff I've lived through to help process a deeper explanation. I love getting in the zone where the magic happens and it is all free flow. Hours and days evaporate as it comes together. As for reading, with attention issues always a problem for me, I have to read a book that keeps me locked in to the story. Short chapters that keep the pace going always works. James Patterson is really good at it because I really don't love all his books, but if I start one, those short chapters make it easy to finish. One last thing to think about, my writing content- Do you think we were better off just putting serious criminals, the rapist, robbers, killers and such in prison like we did in the 1980's, rather then now, where we have so many laws created and everything is a crime?

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