Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Thank God for Humanitarian Groups

Wow, I thank God for Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity and all other humanitarian website workers who give a voice to the prisoners. I spent 10 years in California prisons on drug charges, with time in the SHU and turned my life around writing novels. When I got out of prison I had a 700 page novel to re-write and a vision to protest the California Prison Union for being deceptive and corrupt with the public. I started lockdownpublishingdotcom with a vision to help other prisoners turn their lives around through writing novels and using their art as book covers. I now have 7 books on amazon, one of which is in print with the other 6 available to download from kindle. The last one I published, Underdog, is about the hunger strike and the 5 core demands. It went live the day after Christian Gomez passed. We have to give those inmates in isolation Hope, something constructive to do, because they aren’t the “worst of the worst”, they are the strongest of the strong, but just got a little lost along the way. God bless, Glenn Langohr

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