Sunday, June 17, 2012

The best response to the message in my books thus far!

Mr Langohr,

 I discovered your literature through Kindle and thus far have read every bit of it I can find.  I must say, this book has startled me into action.  I am from a drug ravaged part of Central Missouri.  Most of my family has been in prison and many are in some form of incarceration or parole.  These are not bad people, but drugs have robbed them of their freedom.  While I realize this is a personal choice, addiction robs people of their free will.  Many of my close friends and people who I grew up with have been to prison or are still there.  My best friend is currently on parole has spent most of his adult life behind bars for not cooperating with the police.  I am not justifying his actions, but oftentimes I find that my closest confidants are those who have been through the system and held their mud.  They are fiercely loyal and will drop anything to help a brother.  I've been locked myself and am currently on probation.  I guess you would consider me an anomaly  because I have a college degree and was once a teacher.  I've been sober for a couple years now and I have a wonderul life.  I wanted to share with you a bit of my story and ask you:  How can I get more involved?  Since I live in Missouri, California might as well be a million miles away but my family is originall from San Francisco and my brother works as a public defender in Northern California.  I'd love to be an effective tool against the prison unions and fight against their tyranny.  How can I help?

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