Wednesday, October 17, 2012

This Is The Best Email Response to one of My Books Ever!

The best email response to one of my books ever! 
Hi Glen, I came across your books on my Kindle somehow and since they were least expensive I gave 2 of them a chance. That was this morning... And now with 2 of them read you left me wanting more. Thank you. The combination of your first hand experience and vivid, intelligent language and the level of honesty puts your work in a class of its own. This is the style and frankly the form of art that I am a fan of.
I grew up in communist Russia back in the 80s in Moscow. I went to visit my aunt in a Sibirian penitentiary. Talk about torture, violation of each and every human right imaginable... She was serving 2 years for possessing a Bible and a typewriter on which she would type the copies and distribute them. KGB kicked her door in on a Christmas morning. I STILL have nightmares about that day.
I came to LA, San Fernando Valley from Moscow in 1994 at the age of 15. I am 33 now and recovering heroin addict. Through the years I paid a few visits to Twin Towers LA County jail and CIW prison in Chino against my will. All of my 20s I lived a life of the agony of selling my soul to the devil of streets, institutions and jails. I knew that there was the light in the darkest places. It kept me holding on even when I was convinced that I was damned to the lowest existence of mental torture and completely forsaken by everyone including God himself. I try to live my life opposite of what it used to be. My aunt lives in SFV - a whole planet away from Siberia. She is a Christian. This past year on 11/11/11 I turned 33. She told me that that was the age of Christ when he got crucified and resurrected. He knew his purpose. I feel like I am just starting to see things clearly.
I am not proud of my battle scars but each and single one is attached to a war story. What I LOVED about your work the most is that your life experience comes with a redeeming value which in return gives underdogs like me hope. Hope is where everything starts. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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