Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Who Are The Real Victims? By Glenn Langohr

Who Are The Real Victims? By Glenn Langohr. On my wordpress site I asked, "Who are the real criminals?" Now I'm changing the context to victims. Maybe it's more compassionate.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak to 20 kids on probation about drug addiction, gang life and prison time. When I got out of prison in 2008 on drug charges I started going to A.A. I met my sponsor, Mr. Phillip Doran and worked the 12 steps. I was selfish but real about it. While in prison in solitary confinement I spent 10 hours a day writing Roll Call, a drug war novel. Phillip Doran is a prolific writer and one of the ex producers of many hit TV shows. I told him I wanted him to help me take over Hollywood. Okay, I am a little vain. After working the steps, Phillip read all of my prison books and reviewed them. He also helps me with marketing.

Part of the 12 steps is giving back to newcomers in sobriety, hence we spoke to the kids in trouble at probation. While speaking to the kids I couldn't help but see them as victims. Kids from broken homes. Kids who are so hyper sensitive they become their own victims. Both Phillip and I shared our story of hope and inspiration. I told them, "God loves you." and gave out my number to one of the kids. We'll see if he calls and I get the chance to sponsor him.

Here's a review for my drug war novel Roll Call- A harrowing, down-and-dirty depiction--sometimes reminiscent of Steven Soderbergh's Traffic--of America's war on drugs, by former dealer and California artist Langohr. Locked up for a decade on drugs charges and immersed in both philosophical tomes and modern pulp thrillers, Langohr penned Roll Call, a light fictionalization of his troubled life. "I went from obsessively pacing my cell and wondering and worrying about how I was actually going to get my attorney to defend me, and how many years this sentence would bring," writes Langohr in an afterword, "to realizing that if I find a way to write what's in my head, I can find a way out of this hole I had put myself in!" Roll Call makes for exciting reading--gunplay, covert operations and backhanded deals abound. A vivid, clamorous account of the war on drugs. --Kirkus Discoveries, Nielsen Business Media, 770 Broadway, N.Y Yk

All of Glenn Langohr's drug war and prison thriller books are available on Amazon and other retail outlets in print, kindle and audio book. 

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