Friday, May 17, 2013

An Excerpt From Powerful Prayers of Gratitude by Glenn Langohr

I'm so excited that these excerpts from my prayer book are being highlighted by people on their kindle devices! God Bless!

"As for my wife and our marriage I started to pray for the ability to rely on God’s power to transform me to be a better husband, a better father, a better brother, a better son and a better child of God. I prayed for God to transform my wife in the same way. I began to realize that I might not have power over how my wife thinks and sees things but I do have power and have been given authority “over all the power of the enemy” ( Luke 10:19 ) and I can do great damage to the enemy’s plans when I pray. When I pray this way I realize how Holy our marriage vows are and that God was right there with us when we made our covenant. Of course the enemy would like to put enmity between us and split us apart. He would love for everyone around to see us; another Christian couple that goes to church, not make it. He will use a son or daughter to come between that union, he will use guilt, he will use a job, he will use jealousy, temptation and anything he can to fracture what God has put together. But I have power over all of that through prayer. The devil trembles when even the weakest saint prays."

"God loves us to stay in constant contact with Him. It shows Him we know we need Him. God cherishes a personal relationship with us. He created us in His image. It’s a beautiful thing to talk out loud, or, in your head and laugh with Him. Do it all throughout the day, if you want to keep the devil at bay."

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