Monday, August 11, 2014

Five Reasons to Chase and Capture Sobriety

More than 15 million people in the world are currently affected by alcoholism, and 23 million people are addicted to some form of drug. Many of those people do not realize that they have an addiction that is causing chaos in their lives and the lives of the people around them. A large number of people do realize their actions through their own personal observations or the help of family interventions, helping to them to find a great drug rehab inpatient program.  Sadly, not all of them choose to go to drug rehab centers. The reason for the initial treatment denial may be a lack of motivation. The following are five reasons that a person with a drug or alcohol problem should make a goal of becoming and staying sober:

1. Sobriety Increases Quality of Life

People sometimes do not realize how expensive a drug or alcohol habit is until they stop using those substances. Some people need to see a visual breakdown of the calculations to believe that drug and alcohol cessation can improve the quality of their lives. A person with a narcotic prescription pill addiction may have to pay anywhere from $5 to $30 for each pill that he or she buys. Therefore, the average adult male or female with a fierce addiction may spend $175 a week on the habit at the very least. The savings that person can obtain by kicking the drug habit can afford him or her monthly rent on a brand new apartment, or payments for two brand new vehicles.

2. Sobriety Improves the Relationship with One’s Higher Power

Religion has many sectors, but most of them deal with the rules of life that are set forth by a higher power. The higher power of most religions would not want a mortal person to idolize a substance more than that person idolizes the higher power. Additionally, most religions contain rules about purity. Drugs are bodily impurities. Drug and alcohol cessation can make a person feel better spiritually because that person will be living the pure life that the higher power desires.

3. Sobriety Cuts Medical Expenses

Getting sober and staying sober may have an initial expense, but in the end, it can save a person thousands of dollars in medical expenses. Long-term alcohol abuse has medical repercussions such as liver disease, pancreatitis, depression and cardiovascular diseases. The long-term effects of drug use may include liver failure, heart attack, kidney damage and more. A person who stops using drugs and alcohol today can give his or her body a chance to heal before those long-term effects take place.

4. Sobriety Encourages Happiness

People who are highly involved in addictive behaviors often lose touch with their closest friends and family members. Such relationship damages can bring forth a sense of loneliness and isolation. Family members and friends will sometimes return and offer support when a person decides to get help through a rehabilitation facility. An increased support system will foster feelings of well-being, and the person will be happy.

5. Sobriety Provides Freedom Opportunity

Many persons who have addictions find themselves in trouble with the law. Criminal convictions such as DUI, assault and related crimes can cause a serious drop in a person’s potential to obtain gainful employment. An immediate trip into the realm of sobriety may not erase the convictions, but it can provide a clean slate and prevent any additional crimes from making their way into the person's life.

 So many reasons to get sober and stay sober exist. The main reason for changing one’s life is time. Life is too short for one to waste it away on painful activities. Sobriety is an enlightening experience that can truly open a person’s eyes. He or she will be able to take the journey with a feeling of purpose and accomplishment. A sober person can help other people to transform their lives into something of meaning, just like they were able to.


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