Sunday, October 9, 2011

Drug war and Lock Up Diaries of prison stories only 99 cents this month!

ROLL CALL by Glenn Langohr 120,000 words/ 4 seasons- similar to Breaking Bad and Son’s of Anarchy with a redemptive twist. ISBN 978-1-4392-4608-5 14.99 paperback .99 kindle e-book
Roll Call shines a light at the dark, hidden underbelly of the U.S War on Drugs. The author takes the admonition from the Biblical story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, “God doesn’t want you to eat of the tree of knowledge because he doesn’t want you to become as smart as him”, and relates it to the modern drug war, showing how the American justice system has turned illegal drugs into forbidden fruits; leading to a roller coaster ride through drug cartels, street gangs and outlaw bikers, all trying to get their piece of the action. Add a good detective squeezed out of the loop by an overzealous detective, a robust prison union calling bad shots, and a handful of drug criminals trying to find their conscience; and you have the perfect recipe for a revolutionary uprising; bound by blood, all leaving the reader wondering, who are the real criminals? Kirkus Discoveries- “A Master Director, modern pulp thriller- A harrowing down-and-dirty depiction of the War on Drugs, sometimes reminiscent of Solderburg’s Traffic, by former dealer, California artist Langohr”

Sequel to Roll Call- Upon Release- 70,000 words Blockbuster e-book 2.99
Overzealous Narcotic Detective Pincher, on paid leave and under investigation, starts using drugs, and then is hired again as a Narcotic Detective in L.A where he steals heroin from the evidence locker until he is reeled in by the Mexican Mafia and the Hollywood Madam.
B.J struggles not to look back at the Criminal Justice System that tried to kill him. Inspired to help prisoners turn their lives around through art, he works for the church helping orphans until he’s on the run again. Add a beautiful ballerina who marries B.J, a prison protest to help the voiceless, and the temptation to do a massive drug run from Mexico, and you have the perfect recipe for a Spiritual revolution, where compassion is missing, all leaving the reader wondering; who are the real criminals?

A California Pelican Bay Prison Story- 18,000 words e-book 99 cents
A penetrating look inside of one California's most volatile prisons.
B.J, a drug dealer serving time, takes the reader on a never before seen, inside look at a California level 4 prison. The inner dynamics between prison guards, gang investigators and the Warden are on display along with the political climate between races where a war is brewing between the Mexicans and Blacks with the White race caught in the crossfire!

Lock Up Diaries- A California Pelican Bay Prison Story- 20,000 words e-book 99 cents
A depiction of life inside of prison and a look at the political landscape between races, segregated by cell after being released from the Pelican Bay SHU in California. The amazing details of prison life - code words that prisoners use, explanations of how they communicate from cell to cell - really make you feel you have entered a different world, or like you are watching a movie about prison life. The story shows how race riots that can kill prisoners can be started for very small and seemingly unimportant reasons, and how violence permeates every aspect of prison life.

Gladiator- A California Pelican Bay Prison Story- 13,000 words e-book 99 cents
B.J and the Mexican Mafia in action behind bars in a California level 4 prison

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