Sunday, April 22, 2012

New Books by Glenn Langohr, Roll Call and A California Pelican Bay Prison Story Series, Shines Light on the Ongoing L.A County Jail Prisoner Abuse Scandal

Glenn Langohr draws from his own experiences as an inmate in his new books, Roll Call and A California Pelican Bay Prison Story Series, and drops readers into the story behind the story of the ongoing L.A Jail prisoner abuse scandal.
. .Glenn Langohr-Portrayed as B.J in Roll Call
"Those without sin cast the first stone" A released Pelican Bay prisoner in Roll Call has some drug dealing dirt on a D.A's kid.

In one of Glenn Langohr's new books, Roll Call, a drug war novel, Roll Call which penetrates from an insider’s view, the life inside L.A. county jails, where deputies use excessive force and even bigger problems in California's state prisons where guards can create hazard pay in which they are paid time and a half for instigating riots.

In Glenn Langohr's other new book, A California Pelican Bay Prison Story, Langohr illustrates life incarcerated in solitary confinement and questions the gang validation process with an insider’s view of the interaction between the warden, gang Investigator and counselor.

Glenn Langohr's books are available on Amazon.

"A harrowing-down-and-dirty depiction of the U.S. War on Drugs, sometimes reminiscent of Solderburgh's movie Traffic, by former dealer, California artist Langohr. Locked up for a decade on drug charges and immersed in both philosophical tomes and modern pulp thrillers, Langohr penned Roll Call. A vivid, clamorous account of the war on drugs.”
-Kirkus Discoveries, Nielson Business Media

Glenn Langohr started to help other inmates turn their lives around through writing and art. Langohr utilizes art work from ex-prisoners for his book covers. Langohr's vision is to illuminate the public to some of the flaws within the criminal justice and prison system. He says, "We forgot about redemption."

Interviews and copies for review available upon request.

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