Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Truth-out.org has a great post.

Truth-out.org has a great post about solitary confinement. I love finding humanitarian groups and support groups like these where like minded individuals love each other through the dark times into the light. I spent over 10 years in California's prison wharehouses on drug re...lated charges with a couple of those years in the SHU and most of the rest of it on level 3 and 4 yards where more then half the year was on lockdown anyway. I'm blessed to have turned it into something positive by writing novels about the drug war and prison conditions to shine a light on some of the corruption and the need for more compassion and common sense. I gift out kindle copies of any of my books to these groups to help get the word out, email me at rollcallthebook@gmail.com . I wrote Underdog to show the public that you can go into prison and be falsely validated into the SHU over just surviving a riot. Underdog and Race Riot are now available in audio to listen to like a movie and you can listen to part of it for free.

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  1. That was really a good and informative article. I understood more of what was going on from reading your books, Glenn.