Sunday, October 21, 2012

Glenn Langohr: From 10 Years in Prison to Speaking at UC Irvine About Solitary Confinement

While serving 10 years in prison on drug charges, Glenn Langohr spent his time writing drug war and prison books. Now as a best selling author on Amazon, Glenn Langohr is helping college students gain a deeper understanding of solitary confinement. To check out his list on Amazon go here
While incarcerated, Glenn Langohr served time at Chino State Prison, Soledad State Prison, Solano State Prison and Centinella State Prison. Some of his books relate to “life on the inside” and the interaction between inmate races and the prison staff. Glenn Langohr takes this level of scope all the way to solitary confinement.
Glenn Langohr served time in Administrative Segregation for a multitude of violations relating to riots. 
While in the hole ( Ad-Seg Solitary Confinement ) Langohr takes an even deeper look at prison life into his books. Interaction between the Inmate Gang Investigators, Warden and other prison administrators are on display.
Glenn Langohr plans on talking about how and where solitary confinement relates to the 8th Amendment as it intersects with cruel and unusual punishment on Oct 30 2012 at UC Irvine.

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