Friday, October 19, 2012

Glenn Langohr's audio book, Underdog, Shines a Light on the Corrupt Prison Union

Glenn Langohr's audio book, Underdog, Shines a Light on the Corrupt Prison Union. Underdog in audio book

Here's a great review from American MediaIt's B.J. fighting for his life again in the wretched California prison system.
In his latest novel, "Underdog," Glenn Langohr takes B.J. back into the dreaded Supermax at Pelican Bay, California's toughest prison. At first he's just fighting to survive, hopelessly outnumbered by Mexican and black gang members, but then he goes back to try and help his friend, still inside, ferociously battling to change the penal system.
And ex-con Langohr can describe the hell of life inside better than any other writer. His vivid passages on just surviving in prison describe a nightmare we'd rather not know about.
He compares the plight of abandoned dogs, locked and horribly mistreated in rows of cages in animal shelters, to California prison inmates, locked and abused in the same cages.
Not a book for the faint of heart. We who sleep peacefully in our beds at night, unaware of the savagery going on behind prison walls, can only thankfully say: "There, but for the grace of God, go I." John South, American Media

More then the review, Underdog is about shining a light on a California Prison Union that is out of control and at times corrupt. Check it out, share it, review it and lets fight for the Underdog. 

To read all of Glenn Langohr's drug war and prison thrillers check out the links or go to Amazon. 

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